I was really busy last week so unfortunately I wasnt able to post any updates here. Mostly what I have been doing recently is using memrise to reinforce vocabulary from integrated korean dialogues and translating the korean dialogues into english and then back into korean. It really helps solidify things, on top of that I do at least an hour of listening to that one dialogue everyday for 7 days. Yes, my learning is slow and I can proudly say that with a smile because im in no rush to learn. Language learning is a lifelong commitment and I have accepted that, so my pace does not stress me.

However, I have read about a new technique! Hehe im always experimenting with new techniques and incorporating them into my study habits. Anyway like I was saying, it is called the L-R(Listening and reading) method. It sounds self-explanatory but its the way this technique is carried out that makes it “effective”. First you pick up a translated version of a book you’ve already read that you find interesting in your target language. The way this works is that you are already familiar with the content, making it easier to interpret and pick up new words.  At first depending on your level it may be very difficult to listen to what sounds like natives speaking at a break-neck speed and if you are at a high beginner or low intermediate level you will need to refer to a dictionary every 2nd or 3rd word. As the story progresses you slowly get used to it. You’ll be able to decipher words(I’ve already experienced this in Korean and Esperanto) and begin to remember the most common words that pop up. For example if you’re reading in english, words like “the”,”at”,”in”, and “is” are bound to show up hundreds of times in a novel.

Unfortunately since korean transliterations seem to lack audiobooks more than likely I wont be able to use the audio aspect for this method. Nonetheless this would be good reading comprehension practice. Harry Potter is the most popular series used with this technique for obvious reasons: It’s very popular and has been translated into 70 different languages! Since I havent read the english version im leaning more towards twilight♥(gotta love twilight)!

For more info on this method here are some informative posts on it : (Even though this is about learning polish specifically it has some really good incite that supplements the last link)

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