One of my favorite things to do is to read so naturally I get frustrated because of my poor reading skills in Korean. Of course I do understand that I’m not that far into my studies(I know I am not a true beginner but neither am I at an intermediate level) however It would be nice to be able to understand the written language(as in novels and online articles). Although I can’t read anything as complex as a novel or the news I have found a happy medium! It’s a 만화 called “와라! 편의점”, that is pretty simple* but funny at the same time(or at least I think it’s funny). With the help of a dictionary and a trusted Korean friend I can understand the content without running to google translate for the English translation. I’m not sure if reading will have a direct impact on my writing skills(which suck horribly haha) but it gives me an extra tinged of enlightenment that I don’t get from reading in English. :]

* = by simple I mean the sentences doesn’t go on forever and the grammar is easy to extract from context.

Completed My First Textbook!

Technically, I finished my Ewha Korean 1-1 textbook yesterday and the reason  I say “technically” is because I have learned and understand how to use all the grammar that was introduced. I’m still working on the vocabulary course that I made for it(and I’m halfway done) but there aren’t any grammatical structures in the book that are new to me anymore so I will be moving on to the second book in their level 1! 😀 By the way, is it me or does the second book look more interesting?

여름 방학!

Summers finally here and my freshman year of highschool will end in a week! Now I can re-shift my focus back to Korean and return to my normal habits prior to finals(I had to restrict myself to an hour and thirty minutes of Korean a day! The horror!). I have nothing new to update about korean because all I was able to do was listen to dialogues and maintain my garden(words learned) on memrise. Hopefully within the coming weeks I will be able to update my blog more often as well as increase my study time of Korean(to roughly about 6-7 hours a day). It’s nice to finally have something to occupy myself with because I never do anything over the summer other than watch movies and lurk the web(hurhur sad life ㅠㅠ) so why not spend more time on something constructive? :]

I’ll also be dedicating myself to reading all the books I got this year(10 unread novels yearning for my attention) so for the first time in my life I may actually be busy during the summertime!


Sorry for not updating my blog last week, I was pretty busy with juggling school(since finals are next week), korean and some other personal things going on in my life. So I decided since I have a lot of time right now I’d update this blog :]

Today I decided to also post something on lang-8 and although it contained a lot of errors I’m happy because it was my first paragraph written in Korean EVER! By that I mean that the sentences build onto the previous given information not the “I like lamps. I want a car.” type of stuff. It proves how much memrise has helped me improve my vocabulary, and confirmed one of my latest suspicion: I should be studying grammar more directly. At this point I have a decent vocabulary for my level(of about 1200 words) to talk about basic things but I don’t know how to say them correctly. Even though grammar is painstakingly boring I think learning grammar patterns and structures will give me a smoother base in the language. So now what I’m doing is using Anki again! I’ve never mentioned it but I have previously used anki to initially “kickstart” my korean learning but it didn’t work because I had unrealistic and artificial expectations. All I did was take phrases from a phrasebook, imported them into anki and expected fluency(boy, was I wrong haha). Now that I know better than that, I’m taking a different approach. I am collecting all of the the grammar from my textbooks and the “beginner topic grammar” course on memrise and adding it to my anki deck. I would use memrise for this if it accepted single letters like “ㄴ” in the pattern “ㄴ데도/는데도”(Anything with a single korean letter is marked wrong because technically it is wrong since a korean syllable must have at least one consonant and one vowel).

Then once I’m done with the basic patterns I’ll attempt to begin my Twilight books again :]