Today I learned a handful of useful Korean exclamations solely because I actually attempted to have a conversation with native Korean speakers today although the conversations were short-lived. To be honest it wasn’t until after I had spoken to these people that I realized, colloquial Korean is no joke! I was faced with a lot of slang and vaguely familiar word endings which I have only seen while reading 만화. However that was not the reason the conversations were short-lived, I was able to pick up the general gist of what was being said but I am terrible at starting a conversation even in English unless I know the person well! When I know the person I have background information on them that I can always fall back on to revive a dead conversation, but not with new people. On top of that most people in chat rooms(based on my experience) have completely meaningless conversations—with random/ever changing topics—which I find boring and hard to follow. Just so you know I did have one decent conversation with a girl who was a Korean born American a.k.a a 재미교포. I can at least say I got SOME exposure, because it made it much easier to learn exclamations such as 헉!, 헐 and 아이고(For some reason I always thought 아이고 was 아이구 spelled incorrectly purpose like how some people spell hi as hai when texting).

To backtrack a little, I discovered Line Play today which is really cool! It’s a chat room(that allows you to make the most adorable avatars) app available on iOS and Android devices made by Line! Since Line is pretty popular in Asia I came across many Chinese, Japanese, and even Indonesian speakers(too bad I don’t speak any of these languages). I pretty much spent half of my day lurking in the “China” chat room looking at all the seemingly strange characters envious of those who could actually understand them!

Children Songs

I know It’s probably been over a week but I’ve actually been really busy studying and being lazy(when not studying). I meant to post something on thursday but I didn’t again due to laziness and I wasn’t too sure what to write about. Actually thursday was my birthday and I got a lot of books! If I remember correctly I got 10 books(most of which are still on their way to my house right now haha). So until they’re all here, their identities shall remain a secret! On a side note, today I stumbled upon the most ADORABLE song ever! I found it when I got really frustrated with the dead sounding textbook dialogues I have been listening to for the past 2 months!

I’m so happy I found it, because it opened up an entirely new realm of material and revealed my secret infatuation with children media! From now on I’ll be listening to children songs and studying them for listening practice. 😀


Summer is so deceptive! I didn’t realize it’s been over a week since I last posted anything until I saw the date of my last post! At the same time it feels like months have gone by, which is a bit of a contradiction because then that feeling should have triggered the “I haven’t posted anything on my blog in ages!” alarm in my head! Anyway, for the past few days I have to say I haven’t done much of anything but I have accomplished a lot, or so it feels. Not that I advanced further into my textbook Because I was so frustrated with how fast I forgot everything, because of my unbelievably fast pace I guess this is what having too much time does to you and couldn’t make any gramatically correct complex sentences on my own so I went back to the first book and began to make sentences with the patterns they taught. I realized I can actually say more than I think If I just used what I know instead of trying to—as my mom always says—make blood out of stones. I make at least four sentences for each pattern that is taught but if it’s something I know I understand inside out I’ll only make two and still incorporate aspects of that pattern in a few other sentences. I then post them on Lang-8 to get them corrected and add the corrected versions to anki^-^. I’ll probably finish making sentences for the remaining patterns tomorrow and I’ve been thinking about increasing the amount of sentences per pattern for the completely new terms in the next book. Besides lightly skimming over them I haven’t looked at them much and can barely use any of them. Hmm…..maybe 20 sentences for each would suffice? Maybe I should torture myself for moving too fast, but I guess that’s impossible since I actually enjoy making these sentences. It seriously helps with memory recall even though I use memorise (I guess you can never replace actual sentence building). On top of that I’m still reading daily if you don’t count the past two days and the two days before that  which is really helping me get used to the word endings used in colloquial speech. By the way I have finally got around to watching some K-Dramas: *cough* 그 겨울 바람이 분다(I love it so far!). That’s pretty much all I have to say, Happy 4th of July(If you live in America)!