Today I learned a handful of useful Korean exclamations solely because I actually attempted to have a conversation with native Korean speakers today although the conversations were short-lived. To be honest it wasn’t until after I had spoken to these people that I realized, colloquial Korean is no joke! I was faced with a lot of slang and vaguely familiar word endings which I have only seen while reading 만화. However that was not the reason the conversations were short-lived, I was able to pick up the general gist of what was being said but I am terrible at starting a conversation even in English unless I know the person well! When I know the person I have background information on them that I can always fall back on to revive a dead conversation, but not with new people. On top of that most people in chat rooms(based on my experience) have completely meaningless conversations—with random/ever changing topics—which I find boring and hard to follow. Just so you know I did have one decent conversation with a girl who was a Korean born American a.k.a a 재미교포. I can at least say I got SOME exposure, because it made it much easier to learn exclamations such as 헉!, 헐 and 아이고(For some reason I always thought 아이고 was 아이구 spelled incorrectly purpose like how some people spell hi as hai when texting).

To backtrack a little, I discovered Line Play today which is really cool! It’s a chat room(that allows you to make the most adorable avatars) app available on iOS and Android devices made by Line! Since Line is pretty popular in Asia I came across many Chinese, Japanese, and even Indonesian speakers(too bad I don’t speak any of these languages). I pretty much spent half of my day lurking in the “China” chat room looking at all the seemingly strange characters envious of those who could actually understand them!

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