One Year Anniversary!

So as of today it has officially been a year since I started studying Korean! It’s funny how just today last year, I remember being obsessed over memorising hangeul and perfecting the double and aspired consonants before moving on, but then decided to just dive right into the language. Yeah, I don’t count learning hangeul as learning Korean, because Korean is a language, and hanguel is an alphabet.
I never thought I would have gotten to this point, or even that I would stick to it this long! Even though I always told myself “one day your going to be able to understand this[referring to videos and articles in Korean]! It will probably take you about 5 years, but you can do this!” To be honest though, even as those words left my lips, it seemed to distant and unattainable, but even though I’m not at the 5 year mark(I hope I get there!), I am much farther then I expected. I am by no means fluent, nor am I close to that point, but I never imagined myself even daring to pick up a simple comic or watch a short clip in Korean and understand a good portion of it unaided. ^^
I’m actually currently working towards improving my listening skills, and reading as well! Ever since I started learning Korean, reading has been one of the only consistent motivations of my studies, so I’m hoping that soon I’ll be able to pick up a novel, and lose myself in the story. That may sound vague, but I find that sometimes, it’s better to be vague, because not everything goes as planned, and if you set your expectations too high, you will be disappointed. And disappointment is something I want to avoid, as it is a demotivater.
Anyway, If you’re reading this, I wish you luck with your learning, whether it be with a language, or even if you are very devoted to a non-language related hobby!

Quiting Korean

To hell with language learning, I’m done. After nearly a year and I still don’t understand a simple show like Sesame Street! You wouldn’t begin understand how frustrating it is! My friend was right when she said that I’d have better luck learning Japanese! And you know what?
ㅎㅎㅎ다 거짓말이에요. 한국공부 그만두하지 못한데 일생에 의미를 붙였어요. 오늘은 만우절이죠. 티티믹 덕분에 만우절 있는 것을 기억났다가 블로그로 장난글 꼭 하기로 했어요. 어쩌면 저는 썰렁한 농담만 잘 하지만 아직도 해보고 싶었어요. ^^ 좋은 하루 되세용~