Summer is practically here, and that means I have loads of free time on my hand, yet again. I will mainly be focusing on my Korean listening skills and building up my Russian. Yes, I said Russian. I don’t know much Russian right now, I have just started a week ago, but I love it so far. What got me interested in Russian were authors such as Tolstoi, and infact I’m actually in the middle of reading the translation of Crime and Punishment(it’s a very good book). I thought that it would be nice if I could read the story in the original language, even if it would take a long time to get to that point. That coupled with the fact that it is cheaper than Korean. I won’t be buying anymore Korean books for a long time, because I feel like I waste too much money on shipping($30 for a tiny package not including the price of the book)! Looking back, I feel like I was ripped off, even though I understand that the labor involved in getting a package across the globe is intense, I just don’t feel as though I can afford to buy any solid Korean books anymore. So I will be working with what I have, which is a good thing, because I will be able to finally finish twilight and 도가니, and it will keep me busy for awhile.

Back to Russian, I have found many printed versions of classical literature and textbooks for a total of $3 including shipping! That’s something that is almost impossible to find for Korean, and I really only dabble in German at this point so I don’t have an active interest in the language itself, besides the interesting courses offered by DeutcheWelle.

Anyway, another reason why I am so excited to learning Russian is that I am also trying out a new method of forced output. I have made it a goal for me to post one thing in Russian on Lang-8 a day, and because I don’t want to end up spamming, it can’t be a half-assed добрый день(Good morning), I have to write real sentences like “I speak a little bit of Russian,” “I am 15, but I am about to turn 16,” and things of that nature. For this of course, I am not using a conventional textbook as a main source, since it would take me months before I would be able to say the following. So far I have been using pimsleur, lingq and importing the sentences from lingq into anki, which has been working better than expected. I learned almost all of the pronouns so far in two out of the six cases, basic conjugation of verbs, negation of verbs and nouns some word order, greetings and farewells all in a week! It’s crazy! If I was using a normal textbook I would only know how to say hello and have a vague sense of how to say “how are you.” So like I said, I am very excited to see where this all takes me. If it brings me to a higher level in reading, writing, and listening (maybe even speaking), then I will definitely transfer this method over to my Korean studies.

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