Finished my first “books”!

Hello, it’s been awhile. I am absolutely certiin that I  won’t be posting once every week now so I will stop saying that at the beginning of my posts. As you can see in the title I finished my first books in Korean! The reason I put the word ‘book’ in quotation is because typically when people think of books + in foreign language, they think of a thick novel. I didn’t finish twilight, I actually have that on hold, but I finished the 만화 version of 넌내반! ^-^ I’m so proud of myself! I ended up making about 750 anki cards from it, and it helped me get more aquainted with commonly used grammatical concepts such as the modifiers -을 것, 는 것, 은 것, that I had a lot of trouble with. I understand them much more now and I feel more confident when using them in sentences. 행복해요. 이따 돌아와서 다른글을 쓸거에요. :]

Korean Books

I’m so happy right now because I just found out that my book came in the mail! I ordered Twilight and New Moon about a week ago and Twilight came today!CAM04273_201305302115127091002908077

I flipped through the book and im beginning to notice a pattern. Are ALL books in Korea printed on such fine paper?! I love to read books and I have read many books although I own only a fraction of them, but I have never in my entire life encountered such smooth, and exquisite paper before I began this journey. All jokes aside my Ewha books and new Twilight book put all the other books in my collection to shame!