Summer is so deceptive! I didn’t realize it’s been over a week since I last posted anything until I saw the date of my last post! At the same time it feels like months have gone by, which is a bit of a contradiction because then that feeling should have triggered the “I haven’t posted anything on my blog in ages!” alarm in my head! Anyway, for the past few days I have to say I haven’t done much of anything but I have accomplished a lot, or so it feels. Not that I advanced further into my textbook Because I was so frustrated with how fast I forgot everything, because of my unbelievably fast pace I guess this is what having too much time does to you and couldn’t make any gramatically correct complex sentences on my own so I went back to the first book and began to make sentences with the patterns they taught. I realized I can actually say more than I think If I just used what I know instead of trying to—as my mom always says—make blood out of stones. I make at least four sentences for each pattern that is taught but if it’s something I know I understand inside out I’ll only make two and still incorporate aspects of that pattern in a few other sentences. I then post them on Lang-8 to get them corrected and add the corrected versions to anki^-^. I’ll probably finish making sentences for the remaining patterns tomorrow and I’ve been thinking about increasing the amount of sentences per pattern for the completely new terms in the next book. Besides lightly skimming over them I haven’t looked at them much and can barely use any of them. Hmm…..maybe 20 sentences for each would suffice? Maybe I should torture myself for moving too fast, but I guess that’s impossible since I actually enjoy making these sentences. It seriously helps with memory recall even though I use memorise (I guess you can never replace actual sentence building). On top of that I’m still reading daily if you don’t count the past two days and the two days before that  which is really helping me get used to the word endings used in colloquial speech. By the way I have finally got around to watching some K-Dramas: *cough* 그 겨울 바람이 분다(I love it so far!). That’s pretty much all I have to say, Happy 4th of July(If you live in America)!


Sorry for not updating my blog last week, I was pretty busy with juggling school(since finals are next week), korean and some other personal things going on in my life. So I decided since I have a lot of time right now I’d update this blog :]

Today I decided to also post something on lang-8 and although it contained a lot of errors I’m happy because it was my first paragraph written in Korean EVER! By that I mean that the sentences build onto the previous given information not the “I like lamps. I want a car.” type of stuff. It proves how much memrise has helped me improve my vocabulary, and confirmed one of my latest suspicion: I should be studying grammar more directly. At this point I have a decent vocabulary for my level(of about 1200 words) to talk about basic things but I don’t know how to say them correctly. Even though grammar is painstakingly boring I think learning grammar patterns and structures will give me a smoother base in the language. So now what I’m doing is using Anki again! I’ve never mentioned it but I have previously used anki to initially “kickstart” my korean learning but it didn’t work because I had unrealistic and artificial expectations. All I did was take phrases from a phrasebook, imported them into anki and expected fluency(boy, was I wrong haha). Now that I know better than that, I’m taking a different approach. I am collecting all of the the grammar from my textbooks and the “beginner topic grammar” course on memrise and adding it to my anki deck. I would use memrise for this if it accepted single letters like “ㄴ” in the pattern “ㄴ데도/는데도”(Anything with a single korean letter is marked wrong because technically it is wrong since a korean syllable must have at least one consonant and one vowel).

Then once I’m done with the basic patterns I’ll attempt to begin my Twilight books again :]