Children Songs

I know It’s probably been over a week but I’ve actually been really busy studying and being lazy(when not studying). I meant to post something on thursday but I didn’t again due to laziness and I wasn’t too sure what to write about. Actually thursday was my birthday and I got a lot of books! If I remember correctly I got 10 books(most of which are still on their way to my house right now haha). So until they’re all here, their identities shall remain a secret! On a side note, today I stumbled upon the most ADORABLE song ever! I found it when I got really frustrated with the dead sounding textbook dialogues I have been listening to for the past 2 months!

I’m so happy I found it, because it opened up an entirely new realm of material and revealed my secret infatuation with children media! From now on I’ll be listening to children songs and studying them for listening practice. πŸ˜€