One of my favorite things to do is to read so naturally I get frustrated because of my poor reading skills in Korean. Of course I do understand that I’m not that far into my studies(I know I am not a true beginner but neither am I at an intermediate level) however It would be nice to be able to understand the written language(as in novels and online articles). Although I can’t read anything as complex as a novel or the news I have found a happy medium! It’s a 만화 called “와라! 편의점”, that is pretty simple* but funny at the same time(or at least I think it’s funny). With the help of a dictionary and a trusted Korean friend I can understand the content without running to google translate for the English translation. I’m not sure if reading will have a direct impact on my writing skills(which suck horribly haha) but it gives me an extra tinged of enlightenment that I don’t get from reading in English. :]

* = by simple I mean the sentences doesn’t go on forever and the grammar is easy to extract from context.