Korean Rock

So for the past few days I have been searching far and wide for something new to freshen-up my routine because lets face it, all work and no play is BORING. That and I tend to get bored of doing the same thing for days on end. So I began my epic journey to find korean rock bands! As simple as it sounds it is not that easy at all :/. If there’s one thing I absolutely love about English is our rich variety of music whether you like pop, metal, or even post-hardcore there’s always a decent selection of almost any genre you can imagine(the same can also be said with books). Unfortunately in korean it seems that the heavier genres(like metalcore,metal, and post-hardcore) which I love are virtually nonexistent. To give you a more accurate picture of the kind of music I listen to some of my favorite bands are Dance Gavin Dance, My Chemical Romance, Underoath and Crown the Empire. Sure there is also rock which is okay only if it sounds more like MCR but its the softer kind, which I personally find boring. So here’s a list of bands I have found:

하클베리핀(Huckleberry Finn) – I love this band, especially their songs like “I know” and 까만 다이가. They’re definitely not a metalcore or post hardcore band, they have more of an alternative/indie rock sound(based off of their songs I’ve heard so far). One thing I know for sure is they definitely have some soft and slow songs.

피아(Pia) – I heard a lot of good things from them but I feel as though their music is too “relaxed” it literally makes me feel tired. To me their music sounds flat, nonetheless they do have some decent songs.

13 Steps – They’re pretty good for an underground band! Their head bang worthy, especially the song “No Hope”. Unfortunately all of their songs are in English, I still love them but ehhh it’s not the same as if they were more korean-oriented.

ㅠ.ㅠ   that’s all  I found that I liked. I wish there were more korean rock or post hardcore/metalcore. While searching I actually found an epic Taiwanese band named “Chthonic”. They make me want to start learning Thai and mandarin but I know I wouldn’t be able to juggle between learning 3 languages, so those 2 will have to wait.

Also I saw a korean movie the other day called “Please Teach Me English” even though I didn’t understand 95% of what was being said it was a very funny and sweet movie. I really enjoyed watching it, and im definitely going to watch it again when I learn more.